Who We Are

Experienced Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) with small business experience bring best-of-breed security to you:

Contact us to learn how to lower your business risk, attain peace of mind, and offset the costs with the savings on cyber insurance premiums – with a partner who is there to grow with you.

We get small business.  We are small business.

The Story Behind Our Name

The jackalope is a long-standing legendary animal of the West. Jackalopes were approachable by friendly folk, but brought the antlers to bear on ne’er-do-wells. Rustlers and other rogues were cautioned to wear stovepipes on their legs to protect themselves!

Cowboys would entertain themselves around the campfire by singing songs and playing on harmonicas. Legend has it that the jackalopes would join in the singing! Let us harmonize with your business.

Smart, approachable to the friendly, scary to those who might cause harm, the jackalope serves as a symbol of protection.

We get you.

Thorough but rapid assessments that get to the heart of your needs.

Rapid execution.

Our solutions fit right in with yours. Quickly and reliably.

We’re here for you.

We can continue to grow with you as your business meets its goals.

Too many vCISOs have never been actual CISOs...

An Experienced CISO Team

Beware pretenders!  Many vCISOs have never even served in a real CISO role…  Choose wisely.  Choose experience.

Get a complementary consultation to elevate your organization’s cybersecurity resilience with our vCISO services. At Jackalope Cyber, we understand the evolving landscape of digital threats and compliance requirements, offering tailored solutions to safeguard your assets and reputation. Our seasoned team of CISOs will guide you through strategic planning, compliance and regulation, risk management, and program maturity. We provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your business, delivering a strategic roadmap, budget considerations, and staffing needs unique to your needs. Harness our flexible offerings to scale your security program as needed!

Driving Force

Our Team


Allan Alford

CEO & Founder

Jay Adams

President & CISO, Founder

A strong bench of CISOs

Ready to serve you!